Monday, September 14, 2009

Bailey House Series No. 2

Bailey House series No. 2 Oil on Panel.
Today I reworked the speed painting from yesterday
(see below). I didn't do anything to roof or window on
the left side of the painting. I was practicing breaking
my big shapes down. A few of things bothered me
about the first painting. 1. The bush in the foreground
seemed a little awkward and a bit crowded. 2. Not enough
depth in the picture. 3. The foreground was confusing,
especially the sky holes and the background area behind
the two treesI scraped out the original bush and
put a smaller softer one in place. I added light green behind
the house and added blue green to the back row of trees to
give it some depth. The area in the background between the two
trees was simplified and clearer. I also touched up the trees
and limbs. My confidence is getting better with not
being afraid to scrape out parts of a painting and re-doing
areas that bother me. It's only paint ya know!

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