Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 10 - Port Harbor Police Headquarters

Day 10 Harbor Police Headquarters - Port Washington
Oil on Panel 6 x 8.
Day 10 of 30 - Sir Lawrence Color Temperature Mastery.
I didn't post days 8 and 9 because I was really disapponted
in the work. Today felt a little better. I'm a third of the way through
mastering color temperature. Somedays I forget what my goal
is out there sometimes and end up with the same old stuff. This
painting has some color changes that I like. The shade of the grass
in the foreground has some nice cool colors. The middleground needs
some major changes. The building has a few color changes I like. The
sky and background I think is the best part of the painting of color
changes. If I can get all three working then I will move closer to my goal.

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