Monday, August 10, 2009

Boatyard Day 6

Boatyard Day 6 - 6 X 8 Oil on Panel.
Day 6 of 30 - Sir Lawrence Color Temperature Mastery.
Today it was very hot out there painting. Today
I tried to simplify my approach. Here's what I
learned today. When you have a complicated object
to draw, make a silohette. I drew this boat 5 times and
wiped it out 5 more. I was really getting frustrated with
this as I have drawn many boats before. But for some
reason I couldn't get the perspective right and so on my
6th and final try I made a silohette of the boat and it
all came together. It could have been better but it was so
hot out there I had to work fast to get it done. So fellow
students....until you can master perspective just try to
draw the negative area around the object and
you will eliminate a lot of frustration. TRY IT TODAY!!!!

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