Saturday, May 9, 2009

Old Westbury College

Old Westbury College - 8 x10 Oil on Panel.
I painted this one plein air yesterday at
5 pm and finished a few details this morning. I'm
going to rate this painting as a B for a couple of
reasons. First- I like the design, color, edges, and
values. Second- It's the first time that I
painted out of my comfort zone of 6 x 8's. This
one is a whopping 8 x10.


Anonymous said...

Hi Larry!
I love your painting.... the atmospheric feel of the background and the way your eyes are drawn there. I think the design is wonderful and your colors are in harmony. I like the fact that you really pushed the comfort zone by moving to a larger canvas.
Great effort and thanks for sharing-

Lawrence Chrapliwy (shrap-la-vee) said...

Thank you Marcie. I appreciate your comments.