Sunday, January 9, 2011

Commission Study- 1920's Home on Willowdale

Commission Study- 1920's Home on Willowdale
Port Washington, New York
9x 12 study for 18 x 24 final painting


carol morgan carmichael said...

"Art for Men". I like your work alot and I am a woman. what is the art for men about? So many lovely paintings here! Can I get in the art for men club?

ART FOR MEN said...

Hi Carol- The Art For Men Blog is about guy art stuff to buy to spruce up the apt or den. The site also for women who are looking for something to buy their spouse-son-grandson-boyfriend etc. The subject matter relates mainly to guys. Cars, Trucks, Fishing gear,Toys Tools, Sports, Military, Law enforcement etc. I just started the site and plan on doing a lot more with it. In the last 2 weeks I've had 500 hits and have SOLD a few things. I will email you more about the site when I get all the information together. I'm looking for artists that paint guy stuff and all artists are welcome not just guys. The most important thing is the caliber of work that will be posted. Best- Larry PS- Thank you for your nice comments.

Linda Popple said...

Love your work. Your sense of color and design are really good. I especially like the ones I saw with automobiles. I look forward to seeing more!

ART FOR MEN said...

Thank you Linda!