Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Town Dock Port Washington

Town Dock Port Washington

16 x 20 Oil on Panel
I spent a couple hours on my initial block in today. I read somewhere that it's better to have several paintings in the works rather than one at a time. This is a large painting for me! I usually work smaller. I have 5 paintings in the works now at different stages.... I really like this idea because I have 5 paintings to get excited about everyday. This also gives me a fresh eye everyday to see what's working and what is not on a daily basis.


Karen Bruson said...

That probably is a good idea to have several going. I try to finish a small one everyday but sometimes it doesn't go in the right direction.
This painting is looking great. Nice, strong composition and great color.

Lawrence Chrapliwy (shrap-la-vee) said...

Thanks Karen- Your work is flawless! I know from experience that this is a very difficult thing to do. that's why they sell so many American Artist subscriptions. They/you make it look easy. I Love Your Work! Best- Larry

BTW- Would you be interested in coming to Coney Island for a plein air paintout at the end of Summer? I want to get a group together.

carol morgan carmichael said...

I really like the colors and composition in this piece. Good luck with it! And others.

Peinturesetaventures said...

Hello, i visited your blog.you've got some beautiful work here. i love your compositions and this one in particular.Helen