Monday, November 30, 2009


I have a stack of paintings from this past year that I wanted to improve. This is an experiment to see how much painting knowledge I've gained over the past year. So...periodically I will do a Before and After version of the same painting. One of the best things I learned this year is editing a scene to meet your creative vision. This past year, I pretty much painted exactly what I saw without adding or taking anything out of the painting. This year there will be more improvement and many things to learn. Maybe I will paint all of my After paintngs again. I think I improved this painting by simplifying just about everything in the painting. The sky got heavier paint with a little purple added. The tree line was improved. It looked too big and angular for this kind of a scene. I added a house on the left side to make the scene look a little more interesting. I deleted the boat on the right hand side. The perspective was off and it took awy from the center of interest. I added a small red saiboat in the background to break up all of the green in the treeline. I also added a small cottge next to the boat. It's hard to see and I probably should have left it out. I added a sunspot to the boat in the foreground to make it a little more dramatic. The baot could be painted a little better too. I added darker water in the foreground to give a better lead in and it adds to the atmosphere of the painting. So.....Paint over one of your paintings to see how much you've learned this year! If you have nothing to improve, then I really admire you!




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