Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bailey Pond Series No. 9

Bailey Pond Series No. 9  Oil on Canvas.
The reason I envy the painters out West and California, is that the
light out there is magical. How could you not paint a beautiful painting
out there? On the East Coast we have our magic too. The problem is
that it is only magical for 6-8 weeks, compared to 52 weeks out there.
I wonder if any of the painters envy us for our magical season.
Today was a beautiful day at the pond and was happy with this kittle
8 x 10 gem.  I'll be back out there tomorrow, guaranteed!

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Anonymous said...

It's interesting that you would use the word "magical." I drove through Upstate New York about 30 yrs ago, on my way to Montreal. It was in early September, and the light was indeed magical. I fell in love with the rolling hills and tiny hamlets, and have always wanted to go back. But I live now in northern California, with its gorgeous landscapes and one-season weather. Magical? Occasionally, but the light is much too bright and glaring for my taste. Appreciate what you have, and keep on painting!