Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pond Study No.7

Pond Study No.7 6 x 8 Oil on Panel
Today I want to share my thoughts on the two paintings posted.
These are two versions of the same painting. I painted this
scene yesterday. The top version is a rework of the painting on
the bottom. When I finished the painting yesterday I thought it
was pretty good. Today I could see it needed a lot of work to
brighten it up and at the same time I needed darker darks. I
also worked on the sky and used thicker paint in all areas of
the painting. I can still see a few things that need to be fixed
with the color in the foreground. I'm learning to take a second
look at what I'm doing and that is a big step for me. Lesson learned:
"Don't fall in love with your first attempt". That's my story.

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Diana said...

I agree totally. The reworked version has alot more to say.
My twitter account has been hacked.