Monday, June 1, 2009


Click on each individual photo to see enlarged version.
Louie's - 6x8 Oil on Panel - This morning I sat under a shady
tree and painted Louie's Restaurant dock. I gave my self 1 hour
to do the work and was very pleased. I concentrated on big
shapes for my block-in and then proceeded to use thick paint
for the finish. I usually get hung up on details and that is what I
avoided today. Most of the painting was done with one brush
stroke and I didn't go back and re-work anything. I started with
a bright yellow ground and a cad orange drawing. Also, I added a
photo of my thumbnail pencil sketches and quick little oil sketches so
you can see my process. I've been doing this lately and I can spot
my problem areas that I need to think about when starting the
larger painting. I this one an "A" because I think I really found my
way to paint today and was happy with the results. Oh yeah, it didn't
hurt to channel Charles Sovek on this one either.

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