Tuesday, April 28, 2009

White Sailboat Windy Day

White Sailboat Windy Day - 6 x 8 Oil on Panel
It was pretty windy on Manhasset Bay this morning.
I used my small pochade box with short brushes to paint with.
It takes some getting used to working with short brushes and
a small box. I used a limited palette of colors- cad lemon yellow,
cad red light, ultramarine blue, manganese blue and titanium
white. I've been painting two paintings a day. One in the morning
and one at the end of day. The first couple of paintings were really
bad. This needs work, but I'm getting better. The reason for posting
is to see a visual progression of my painting skills. Someone once
told me. "You can't hit a home run every time"...this so true
with plein air painting.

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